Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Smell of Tranquility"

This story was based on prompt #9 on the creative writing prompts website I use (
The prompt was "Describe what you feel right now using your sense of smell".

The Smell of Tranquility

     All day up until now I've been busy. Housework, going to the laundromat to do laundry, etc. I've finally gotten a chance to slow down and I'm feeling that tranquil peace that you feel when you finally get to slow down after a hectic pace. Tranquility smells like ocean water washing up on the shore when you're relaxing on the beach. Lying there watching the waves roll in, one by one, that salty smell that lingers in the air. The smell of the salty breeze wafts in toward you washing over all your senses, and you just want to inhale and take in that alluring aroma while the sun warms your face and you can feel the spray of the water as it comes in on the breeze. That wonderful, enticing scent. I could just lie on the beach all day with my eyes closed and just enjoy the aroma.

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