Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Houston Falls in Love"

I have to give co-writer credit in this one to my husband, William Henderson, who had to give me some help because I did not take Biology and have absolutely no knowledge of Biology. On the creative writing prompt website where I get my prompt ideas for stories,, the prompt I was using required me to use the words biology, blood sample and leaf, so I needed Bill's help for that. Also, he helped me decide what country the foreign exchange student would be from and he suggested the foreign exchange student's name. So props to my wonderful hub for helping me out! Thanks, baby. I love you!

"Houston Falls In Love"

     Houston was a senior in high school. He always made good grades on his report card. This year he was taking Biology. He was excited about it. In Biology class, he was paired with the cute foreign exchange student from Japan. Her name was Akira. They were assigned to test blood samples that were on leaves. They received an "A" on their project. Afterward, Houston asked Akira out on a date. He was nervous because she was so cute and he wasn't sure if she'd say yes. She did say yes and they went to dinner and a movie. They had a great time and a relationship began to blossom. This made Houston nervous, however, because she was a foreign exchange student and was only here temporarily. He was really falling for her. What would happen when the time came for her to go home? He was going to enjoy it while he could, though. They dated all through the school year. When they graduated, neither of them wanted her to go back to Japan. They talked about marriage, but they still had college ahead of them. It wouldn't be smart to get married right now. But they were in love and they wanted to stay together. Love won out over brains and they did end up getting married before they started college. It wasn't an elaborate ceremony, being on short notice and not having much time to save money, but it was a nice ceremony. Akira was a beautiful bride. Her parents came from Japan to attend the ceremony. Houston had come a long way since his first crush, the little girl on the swing set at the playground with the pink ribbon in her hair. He was truly in love now, a married man, and so very happy!

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