Monday, March 7, 2011

"An Act of Stupidness"

I found a creative writing site that has numbers from which you can choose a number and each number gives you a different prompt to write about. Here is the link for the site:
I chose 41 because that is my age. The prompt for #41 is to write about a time in which you hid or pretended to be someone you weren't. I chose to write about the one time I hid from the police. I was 16 at the time. Of course, the names have been changed, but the story itself is pretty much exactly how the incident happened.

"An Act of Stupidness"

     Nikki and Lacey were 16 years old and they were best friends. They were always together. Okay, not always, but as much as they could be. They sat together on the bus on the way to school, they ate lunch together, they made sure to find each other in the hallway between classes (why was it that they never had any classes together?), they sat together on the bus on the way home from school, after they finished their homework in the afternoons one would walk to the other's house, on the weekends they would spend the night with each other, alternating one's house one weekend and the other's house the next. Yes, they were very best friends.
     Nikki and Lacey were typical teenage girls. They liked to listen to music, go out to the movies, hang out at the mall. There was nothing out of the ordinary about either of  them. They were good girls who never got into any trouble...
     Well, almost never. I suppose all teenagers do something stupid at least once, and Nikki and Lacey's one stupid thing...of course, they did it together.
     They were having a sleepover at Lacey's house. They had watched t.v., listened to music, read the latest teen magazines, and talked and talked and talked and talked. It was about 12:30 AM and neither of them was sleepy. They were bored and wanted something new and exciting to do. They were thinking...trying to come up with an idea...something different...something they've never done before...when all of a sudden Lacey remembered a sleepover she had been to for another friend's birthday a couple of weeks earlier. There were about six girls there and Belle, the birthday girl, decided she wanted to sneak out of the house. So they did. All six or so of them. No destination in mind, no agenda. Just teenage girls sneaking out of the house for no good reason except they were doing something they knew they weren't supposed to be doing, and that made it exciting. All they did was walk through the neighborhood, talking and giggling. They walked for about two miles, then they turned around and went back to Belle's house. They had fun and didn't get caught.
     So Lacey told Nikki about it and suggested it for the two of them to do. Nikki liked the idea, except instead of walking she thought it would be a better idea to call a friend who had a car and ride around. Nikki called a guy friend who had a car and he agreed to meet them at the end of Lacey's street and pick them up. When he picked the girls up, of course his first question was, "Where to?" That's one of the major differences between girls and boys...when boys go somewhere they have to have a destination in mind. Girls are happy just wandering around. So, because the girls didn't have a destination in mind, the guy pulled into the parking lot of a 24-hour convenience store. None of them got out of the car to go into the store. They just sat in the car and talked. Of course, after the car pulled into the parking lot and nobody got out of the car, the clerk inside the store got nervous and pushed the button underneath the counter to summon the police. Within seconds, a police car pulled into the parking lot. The female officer went straight inside the store and starting talking to the clerk, while the male officer walked around Nikki's friend's car, looking for anything suspicious-looking before joining his partner inside the store. As they officers were speaking to the clerk, Nikki's friend started driving off. Almost immediately, the officers were in their car and following the guy's car. He turned onto Lacey's street and they turned right behind him. About halfway down the street, he pulled over on the side of the road. He dunked down in the front floorboard, and yelled to the girls to dunk down in the back floorboard (they were both in the back seat). The girls knew this was a dumb idea, but they did it anyway. Of course, the police car pulled up right behind them. The officers got out of their car and approached Nikki's friend's car. The male officer opened the front door and told Nikki's friend to step out and the female officer opened the back door and told the girls to step out. The officers shone their flashlights on the kids to get a good look at them, then they looked into the car. The only thing they found in the car was a flashlight, to which they asked the kids, "What were y'all planning to do with this?" Of course, they weren't planning on doing anything with the flashlight, but the officers did not believe them. The officers also shone their flashlights into the kids' eyes and asked them if they had been smoking pot. They had not, but the officers were determined to believe that they had been. However, as much as the officers wanted to believe it, they could not find proof that the kids had been doing something that they actually had not been doing, so they couldn't arrest them for anything. They let Nikki's friend go because he had a car. They put Nikki and Lacey into the back seat of the police car and took them to Lacey's house. The police woman knocked on the door using the bottom of her flashlight. Lacey's mom answered the door and the police woman told her what had happened, and Lacey's mom told Nikki's parents about it the following day. Both girls were grounded for two weeks.
     Now, for any teenager who might be reading this, I am not condoning this behavior. Exactly the opposite. This is just an example of an act of stupidness by bored teenagers who felt that they had to do something exciting to keep from being bored. Both girls, now adults, agree that it was a stupid thing to do.

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